Nova Launcher Prim APK v8.0.3 Activated With Key+Code Full Version

Nova Launcher Prim APK v8.0.3 Activated With Key+Code Full Version

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What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Have you had enough of your phone’s antiquated functions? Our busy schedules and general laziness make it easy to put off maintaining the homepage. But the new home screen settings are so flexible that we’re almost compelled to try something else. about getting a new phone or tablet with a different operating system and a bunch of cool extra features to try out .right, and that’s why we’ve been looking at alternatives to getting a whole new phone just to alter the home screen. Several apps can replace your phone’s home screen, but not all of them will work well or be compatible with its features.

Nova Launcher Prim APK v8.0.3 Activated With Key+Code Full Version

the single most important app that will forever alter the mobile industry. It’s called Mod Apk, Nova launcher has been the go-to app for Android users ever since it was first introduced, and it’s.

If you feel that your phone has accumulated too many files, you may use nova prime cleaning to get rid of the unnecessary ones.  Users may take use of several interesting and practical options provided by this application. Not many home screen apps allow you to alter the appearance of the icons. The Nova launcher has made it possible for users to do a variety of tasks with only the swipe of a finger, making mobile device usage far simpler and more efficient. Though privacy was previously a major

What are the Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Customize icon

Since the default icons might be boring and traditional, it’s intriguing that allows you to make your icons. By using this schedule, users are provided with an excellent opportunity to have access to tens of thousands of icons. Your phone’s emptiness is over.


The app makes it possible for users to quickly and easily open apps using a variety of gestures, including swiping. Potentially, this your phone’s complex inner workings easier to understand.

Unread count

It may be difficult for those who are working to keep up with their business messages, emails, and phone calls. , however, allows you to keep tabs on your accounts and communications with relative ease. With the plugin, you may unread any message, email, Hangout, or SMS.

Custom drawer group

People who are always on the go may find it challenging to keep up with their texts, emails, and professional conversations. You can simply keep tabs on your finances if you use this to track your conversations. With the plugin, you may disable the read status in all of your communication apps.

Hide app

Personal information on our phones is quite sensitive to us. Thanks to you can take your privacy settings to a whole new level by hiding applications. The app’s existence may be hidden so that only you are aware of it.

Icon swipes

Users may choose froseveralof options designed to make it easier to swipe icons. Making advantage of the ability to create shortcuts may make using the timetables much more straightforward.

More scroll effects

More variations on the scroll are possible, such as throw, wipe, and bespoke accordions.

Sub positioning

Because of the grid-based layout and the ability to snap widgets across cells, allows for a very exact layout, whereas most other launcher schedules make this impossible.

Nova Launcher Prim APK v8.0.3 Activated With Key+Code Full Version


Can I assume that using Nova Launcher will result in a decrease in available RAM?

The answer is that it does affect efficiency. The most noticeable delay occurs while switching between applications or shutting them. Since it is a process (a self-contained piece of software), it consumes RAM, albeit the exact effect on performance may vary depending on the launcher.

How much power does Nova Launcher use?

The Nova rocket launcher won’t eat up your power supply. However, the widgets you use will have an impact on battery life since they need periodic refreshment, which in turn keeps the CPU awake at regular intervals.

Can we find out who owns the Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher was co-created by Kevin Barry (Founder).

For Android, which homes button app do you recommend the most?

Nova Launcher has long been considered the gold standard among Android home screen replacements. It’s highly modifiable, enabling you to alter the look and feel of the interface in a wide variety of ways. The addition of icon and theme pack compatibility paves the way for even more personalization.
The Nova launcher is just a superior option. Everything can be changed to have whatever appearance you choose. It’s a nice upgrade over regular stock. What is the best battery-saving, smoothly-running Android launcher?

System Requirements:

  • 8MB disk space or higher as your requirements
  • Android version 4, 4.1, or the latest

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Speed Increased

How to install it?

  • Start the download process by clicking the link above.
  •  It might take some time depending on how fast your internet connection is.
  • Next, access the security settings by going to the settings menu on your mobile device.
  •  The option to allow files from an unknown source should be activated in the security settings.
  • To complete the process, choose the “Install” button after the download is complete.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK

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